Derrick and Faye’s First Time Home buying Experience

We are very happy to have met Todd when looking for an agent to help buy our first home together.

From the start, Todd was very knowledgeable and had on more than one occasion brought up issues for consideration that we would have never thought of… such as layout for potential additions to the family.

Todd Listens!

The reason Todd is able to bring up pertinent issues for consideration is because he has a way of gently asking questions and retaining all the information as a way to adapt his services to us.

Todd Cares!

Todd ensured we knew exactly what to expect at every step and fought to ensure we got the best value for the best fit in the market. I actually think his inspection of our home was as detailed if not more than the paid inspectors’.

By the end of the process we were at ease knowing that Todd has all of our bases covered.

At the end of the day – Todd is professional… he was able to deliver timely, thorough, and adaptable service while genuinely keeping our best interest at heart.

We were able to come out of the home buying process and remember it fondly as an exciting experience instead of a stressful one… the value of this cannot be understated.

Thank you Todd!

— Derrick Fang and Faye Wu