Full Suite of Services

In 2007, Todd Pearl helped me find and purchase a townhouse in Torrance, CA. The transaction was seamless; he made me feel confident and reassured during my first home buying experience. After living in the house and subsequently moving to the east coast, he helped me find a property management company to care for house/tenants while waiting for the right time to sell.

In spring of 2015, Todd provided a detailed market comparison, and estimates of proceeds based on a range of selling prices. This information was instrumental in my decision to put my townhouse on the market. He also made recommendations about how to notify the current tenants, and helped me prepare the house for resale, including coordinating painters, carpet installers, cleaners, electricians, carpenters, and floor polishers. Todd reviewed the work performed and gave me an honest assessment of how well it was completed. His help with the sale preparations was critical, given that I was living on the east coast. After the townhouse was prepped, Todd’s photographer took stunning, light filled pictures that captured the townhouse’s layout perfectly.

The townhouse was listed on the market for a little over a month. During this time, Todd gave us updates on number of showings, overall impressions, and viewing/marketing statistics (which helps build confidence while you are in the waiting phase). Upon receiving an offer, Todd worked hard to ensure that everything went smoothly (which was very important to me because I had a personal relationship with the buyers). During the closing process, Todd demonstrated a keen eye for detail, while still keeping track of all the required milestones along the way. He noticed small inconsistencies in the contract that could have caused problems later in closing, and even was present during the appraisal to ensure the most recent data for comps was available.

Overall, Todd is a wonderful person to work with. He is organized, dedicated, professional and tailors his style to meet your needs. He has been patient and enthusiastic about teaching us along the way, and his background in law is especially handy to give perspective where law and real estate intersect. I feel very lucky to have found Todd, and would highly recommend his services to future homeowners or those looking to sell.

— Nicki Costa