Harrison found Todd and his team to be first rate!

As we know, good things often come in the most unexpected ways. As a prelude to selling my Marina del Rey house, I began a search for its successor in the Baywood/Los Osos area, where I often vacationed. Which led me to Candice Bell, broker owner of Shoreline Properties in Baywood, a person I found to be not only congenial but really competent.

We talked about selling my Marina del Rey house before making an offer on one, and she asked if I had a Los Angeles broker. No, but there were several in my neighborhood with whom I was very familiar, I just had not made my mind up yet.

She recommended someone she had worked with very successfully, Todd Pearl, a broker/lawyer with his own office affiliated with Keller Williams. To be polite, I said I would consider him. And, fortunately, I did, and he became the seller of my house; an impeccable experience.

My mother, Norma Starr, was and independent broker in Berkeley, CA in the latter part of the 20th century. Consequently, I grew up with a realty background, and have done business in Berkley, New York and Los Angeles over the last 60 years, and in that time, I have never worked with anyone as competent on every level as Todd Pearl. His detailed attention to every aspect of a real estate transaction, his good humor, his discretion and balance proved to make a potentially complex transaction an unexpected pleasure in every phase.

It’s an often used phrase, “I couldn’t recommend him more highly”. but, in this case, I mean it to its fullest. He’s absolutely first rate.

— Harrison Starr