Kathleen and Patrick Buy in Playa Vista

“In 2014, we had two girls attending Loyola Marymount University and were paying astronomical rent for their two bedroom apartment. After a cursory review of the area, we decided it would be a good investment to purchase a condo there but did not know a local real estate agent. A good friend introduced us to Todd Pearl.

He was down to earth, approachable and very knowledgeable. It didn’t take long for him to understand our housing needs and long term goals. When we considered a unit, Todd always did extensive comps and research and gave us an educated opinion.

When it came to the actual offer, Todd negotiated well for us. There was another higher offer on the property, but because Todd had been diligent and honest with the seller’s agent, he chose our offer over the other one.

When we were considering some potential upgrades to the property, we needed a floor plan, but the seller did not have one. Todd contacted his associate, met him onsite to measure for us and provided us a working copy free of charge. This is just one example of the extra attention to detail that he will take for you in this process.

We would definitely work with Todd Pearl again and highly recommend him for your real estate needs.”

— Kathleen Baird and Patrick Kavanagh