Pam and Pat sell their Redondo Beach home of 31 years

I thought that I would never move out of my house in Redondo Beach. When my husband and I first purchased it in 1988, we were completely thrilled to be snugly situated a block from the harbor in a community that seamlessly blended city living with beach life. Over the years, we only grew to love it more. Yet, after retiring and increasingly spending more time in Palm Springs, we hoped to buy a house with a big backyard in the desert. We could only do this by selling our Redondo home. This is where Todd Pearl of Keller Williams Pearl Properties came in.

From the absolute beginning, Todd guided us through the daunting process of preparing, pricing, staging, marketing, showing, and ultimately selling our house. Todd is an absolute professional. His deep knowledge of the real estate industry coupled with his natural warmth and ability to communicate will move you through the buying/selling process with ease, despite any bumps along the way that may occur despite your best planning. (When we were out of town and unexpectedly had to have an outside step repaired shortly before an open house, Todd covered the area that the workers had left exposed with plastic. After he texted me a picture of a much more attractive repair-in-progress, I could immediately feel the relief.) Todd is patient, kind, and completely responsive to any concern or question that might arise. He will take the time to explain the intricacies of real estate procedures with such clarity that the unknown will take a backseat to the steps that lie ahead.

Shortly after we entered escrow in Redondo, my husband and I found the perfect home for us in Rancho Mirage. We then entered into a purchase contract contingent on the closing of our Redondo home. At one point in the process, our Redondo buyer’s lender slowed to a crawl causing us concern that we would not make our contract deadline for the new house. Todd worked tirelessly with both our buyer’s realtor and lender to move things forward as quickly as possible. We closed in Redondo on a Thursday and in Rancho Mirage the next day.

From the showings to the offer and counteroffer acceptance to the inspection, appraisal, and buyer’s loan underwriting, Todd’s calm, steady direction navigated us through the uncertainties inherent in any real estate undertaking. Putting your house up for sale is a complete act of faith. Your past crowds into your present while your future looks at you through a window in a locked door. I cannot think of anyone better in this world to lead you through that door than Todd Pearl.

— Pam and Pat