Sung, Ju Eun and Abe move to Torrance

“We just had Todd handle two transactions for us because he is absolutely the best real estate agent you could ever find and he is just a great guy. Five years ago, I purchased a small condo with Todd as my agent. At that time, he was able to find the perfect, low budget first home for me and my family. This year, my family and I had desire to move to a single family house with backyard, and garden and I called Todd because I knew he will find the perfect home for me and my family.

Please note that buying house is a difficult and stressful process. Not only large sum of money is involved, but there are so many factors that make the purchase process beyond your control. My family and I were in a situation where our offers were being outbid by other potential buyers because homes were selling beyond the asking prices. We were frustrated, and at times hopeless because it was impossible to predict who’s offer the seller would accept. At this point, other agents could have mis-guided us into purchasing a home at above market value price, Todd kept us patient, calm, and assured us that the the right home will come through for us at the right price and it really did. We were selected as the buyers for the home that had all the desires we had hoped for at the right price. I really appreciated his help and his presence during all the things we had to do before getting the keys to a dream house.

During the whole process, his expert knowledge and guidance was able to make me feel knowledgeable too and that made me calm. I really love the way he lays out the options for you and provides the pros and the cons of the options, and provides his personal recommendations so that I can make the most sound decision. This type of communication allowed me to feel I’m in control. Soon after I moved to my new home, I sold my condo through Todd because he is the best and I have no doubt about him.

If you are in need of a good, trustworthy agent please do not hesitate to call Todd. he is the best!”

— Sung and Ju Eun An